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The Great Vinyl Revival!

Sales of LPs have doubled to 550,000 this year and the format has become the favourite of nearly nine in ten vinyl buyers, according to the record industry body BPI.

Five years ago, vinyl records were facing extinction but the past few years have seen a remarkable change in fortunes. Releases from bands such as Daft Punk, Arctic Monkeys and David Bowie have helped to push the popularity of vinyl recordings to renewed heights.
The figure reflects year-on-year growth of more than 100 per cent. LPs now account for 0.8 per cent of all albums sold in the UK. As recently as 2007, the share was 0.1 per cent. Record Store Day, a celebration of independent record shops which took place in April, generated £2 million of vinyl sales. With 15,000 LPs bought every week, BPI estimates that more than 700,000 units could be sold by the end of the year, the highest since 2001, potentially generating £12 million at retail.

We here at Stewart’s Music Shop are big fans of this revival! We are working on getting more Vinyl records in stock all the time. New and Old! We already have a great collection ranging from Irish Country to Glam Rock!
So What’s so good? Just holding and looking at the big artwork on an LP is enough to get you excited! That’s without hearing the improvement in sound quality compared to a CD or MP3.So come in to the shop and hear the difference in the sound between CDs and Vinyl. Just ask us to play your choice on our own turntable!

We also have built in speaker turntables for sale!