PP Electronic Drum Kit

Keep The Neighbours Happy

Take a look at the unique benefits provided by electronic drums and percussion -

Quick Access to a Wide Variety of Sounds
Electronic drum kits allow you to change the sound of your drum kit with a touch of a button. Studio-quality acoustic kits, huge arena rock kits, world and orchestral percussion, electronic and techno kits, funky hip-hop kits, and more are all immediately accessible. With hundreds of drum, percussion, and effects sounds at your fingertips, an electronic kit will let you play authentic sounds in wide variety of musical styles.

Volume Control
One of the main challenges with acoustic drums, cymbals, and percussion is the extreme volume levels these instruments can produce. An electronic drum kit’s drum and cymbal pads make very little acoustic noise when played, and the volume of the sounds can be easily controlled with the volume knob. This makes electronic kits a great choice for small stages, churches, or anywhere stage volume may be a problem. At home, the sound can be monitored with headphones making late night and apartment drumming practical. And for recording enthusiasts, electronic drums make it easy to achieve professional sounding tracks by eliminating the need for multiple microphones and preamplifiers.

Practicing, Play-along, and Built-In Recording
Electronic drum sets include valuable practice, play-along and recording tools. All models feature a built-in metronome with adjustable tempo, and a mix-in jack for connecting to an MP3 or CD player so you can jam with your favourite songs. With many models you can explore different drumming styles by playing along with onboard songs and musical patterns, or access MP3 and WAV files with a USB thumb drive. Even record and play back your drumming performances with easy-to-use recording features.

You can also expand your sound palette and recording capabilities by connecting your electronic drum set to computers and software, external sound modules, samplers and other electronic musical instruments via MIDI. MIDI is the worldwide standard for connecting electronic musical instruments and computers.

Familiar Playing Feel
You’ll experience a great acoustic drum feel when playing electonic drum kits, and all your acoustic drumming techniques translate seamlessly to these, from rim shots on the snare to grabbing a cymbal to choke its sound. Even nuanced techniques such as buzz and press rolls, brush play, hi-hat heel splashes, and more are easily performed on virtually all electric drum kits.